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We are a EDITOR ARTS, web design studio. We have been working since 2000.

WIX websites, beautifully designed and expertly developed for business of all sizes.

Our team of highly experienced web designers delivers engaging websites that drive traffic and generate sales.

We are ICON level partners of the leading  cloud-based development platform

We complete our projects within a week and offer 12 months of free maintenance.

20 years of experience allow us to perform even the most complex websites and eCommerce projects.

Let's build a great website together.


Services & Rates


Web Design

Advanced Website | Starting at $1500 Get a website with customized visuals, advanced features and more. Website Guidance | Starting at $100 Get guidance about the design and functionality of your Wix site. Classic Website | Starting at $800 Get a basic website including a theme. Redesign Website | Starting at $250 Get a new theme and design for your website. Migrate Website | Starting at $400 Use your existing graphics and content in a new Wix site.

Online Store

eCommerce Website | Starting at $1800 Get a store with up to 20 products, plus payment & shipping methods. Store optimization | Starting at $500 Get content, features, campaigns or promotions to drive sales. Store Settings | Starting at $200 Set up shipping, taxes and/or payment methods. Advanced Store Capabilities | Starting at $500 Customize product pages, improve product discoverability, add special menus and more.

Small Tasks

Custom Email | Starting at $50 Get a custom email and mailbox for your business. Install Apps | Starting at $50 Add apps like Forum, Blog, Events, Bookings, Store and Chat. Mobile Website | Starting at $200 Get your site to look great on mobile devices. Restaurant Menu Setup | Starting at $100 Get a professional online menu set up on my restaurant website. Connect Domain | Starting at $50 Connect or attach a domain to your site. Site Updates | Starting at $50 Add a page, make minor adjustments, technical improvements, or fixes.

Graphic Design

Brand Development | Starting at $1000 Get a brand story, analysis, logo, color palette and typefaces. Visual Content | Starting at $100 Add graphics, illustrations, banners and videos to your site. Written Content | Starting at $100 Get written product or service descriptions, blog posts and more. Custom Logo | Starting at $200 Get a stunning logo created for your brand. Edit Images | Starting at $100 Let a professional customize and edit your images.

Marketing & Promoting

Ad Setup | Starting at $50 Get website ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Email Marketing | Starting at $50 Get custom emails and newsletters to keep visitors coming back. Google Analytics | Starting at $10 Connect your site to Google Analytics to track conversions and customer behavior. Facebook Pixel | Starting at $50 Install a Facebook Pixel on your store. SEO | Starting at $250 Boost your site traffic by getting listed on search engines.

Featured Projects




Set Factory

An excellent specialist with technical knowledge, imagination and ability to implement projects. We have been working with EDITOR ARTS for several years, especially when expert insights and creative solutions are needed. EDITOR ARTS ability to design and qualitatively implement technical solutions, greatly helped the last project. Participation in the project was rated 10/10, as a result the client rated the project 10/10, the result is all happy.


Ronson Group Europe 

Ronson Group Europe has hired EDITOR ARTS to create a global website for the European market. A main website was created in 7 languages and 26 landig pages for all EU countries separately. Also translated 1,200 pages of technical text and drawings from Russian into English, created Facebook and Instagram pages, SEO. Our company also placed an order to develop a special electric tool for the installation of ventilated facades. A well-functioning prototype with full production technology has been produced. We can recommend EDITOR ARTS as an inexpensive very high-level specialists.


Dynamo Sport Agency 

EDITOR ARTS created the style, logo, brand book, website and presentation of our company DYNAMO SPORT AGENCY. We recommend EDITOR ARTS as an experienced graphics and web solutions specialists.


Amrita Marketing 

EDITOR ARTS creative solutions may surprise many. This is a person who can provide a wide range of services and all of them are at a very high level. From the simplest logo to the toughest solutions in the industrial industry. If you have a creative challenge - entrust it to EDITOR ARTS, he will put it all to himself and will not give up until he gets the right result.